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1. Scope

1.1. This instruction provides direction for the procedures to be undertaken when ceasing a statutory registered provider. This has shared responsibility between National Outreach Program Management and the regions.

1.2. This instruction does not provide instruction on why or when a statutory registered provider is to be ceased, it outlines the required steps once a decision has been made.

1.3. This process is applicable to all statutory registered outreach providers – OPC, GPF and Clinical Supervisor.

2. Context

2.1. The Open Arms Outreach Program increases service accessibility for Open Arms clients through an established network of accredited mental health clinicians, engaged through statutory registration, to support the delivery of services on behalf of Open Arms across Australia.

2.2. To be registered as an Open Arms Outreach Provider, providers must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Open Arms Outreach Program Counsellor Provider Notes.

2.3. A statutory registered provider may be ceased for any number of reasons including, but are not limited to:

    • Mandatory eligibility criteria is not maintained,
    • Unsatisfactory performance
    • Non-compliance with the Provider Notes
    • No response to region or national contact
    • Provider decision – retirement, closed books

3. Cessation process

Region responsibilities

3.1. Discuss the reason for cessation with the provider. Notes can be added to the Blue Book if deemed necessary

3.2. Review the provider’s CMS (VERA) profile to determine if there is any outstanding work

    • If yes, region to work with provider to ensure all case files, reports and carting are finalised
    • If provider is unable/unwilling to complete, please refer to 101-01/ 05Finalising an Incomplete Document Instruction or Outreach Quality Assurance Guidelines
    • If there is no outstanding work or the outstanding work has been completed, the region is to complete the Outreach Provider Cessation Checklist available on the policy hub and in TRIM 21405660E

3.3. Send the completed Outreach Provider Cessation Checklist to National Outreach Program Management for action.

National Outreach responsibilities

3.4. Details are checked by National Outreach Program Management (National Outreach) to ensure the checklist has been completed correctly.

3.5. National Outreach updates the Provider Database status to INACTIVE while cessation is completed to ensure no new referrals are made.

3.6. National Outreach arrange for the provider’s CMS (VERA) worker profile to be deactivated, and the supplier number to be ceased (where required).

3.7. Once this has been completed, National Outreach update the Provider Database status to CEASED and record any relevant notes about the cessation. This removes the provider from National mailing lists.

3.8. A confirmation of cessation email is sent to the provider (where required).

3.9. The region will be advised of completion via the Service Desk ticket or email, depending on the role being ceased.

3.10. Cessation documentation is saved in TRIM under container 2004692, using the standard naming format:

CESSATION: Surname, Name, Region, Role

3.11. The National Provider List (excel document) is uploaded daily into TRIM 2090532E. This can be used by all staff to locate a statutory registered provider or track the progress of an application.

4. Statutory Registration Lifespan

5. Parent Procedure

5.1. 500-06 – Outreach Management Procedure

6. Related Templates

6.1. 500-06/ 01 Outreach Program Statutory Registration instruction

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