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1. Scope

1.1. The purpose of this Instruction is to provide direction on convening, conducting and recording a National Advisory Committee (NAC) meeting.

2. Background

2.1. The NAC meets face-to-face over two days, three times annually. Those who are unable to attend face-to-face can request join for agenda items remotely.

2.2. Each meeting is held at a location where there is an Open Arms office. Meeting locations are rotated so that the NAC visits every region over a three-year period.

2.3. The two days includes consultations and input from veterans, ex-service organisations and other stakeholders.

2.4. The National Manager (NM) oversees preparation for NAC meetings.

3. Convening an NAC Meeting

3.1. The NM Executive Officer confirms the dates and location for each NAC meeting, contacts members of the NAC and coordinates travel and accommodation.

3.2. The local Regional Director coordinates stakeholders, ex-service organisations and clients' attendance at the NAC.

3.3. The local Regional Clinical Practice Manager arranges appropriate meeting rooms and facilities for the NAC meeting.

3.4. The Secretariat prepares the agenda in consultation with the Chair of the NAC.

3.5. Meeting papers are circulated to all members of the NAC at least five working days prior to the scheduled meeting.

4. Conducting an NAC Meeting

4.1. The local Regional Director attends the meeting and supports NAC consultations with staff, clients and local stakeholders.

4.2. The NAC meeting is chaired by the appointed NAC Chairperson.

4.3. Normal Departmental meeting rules apply.

5. Records

5.1. The records associated with this work instruction include:

  • agendas
  • minutes of meetings
  • information briefs and discussion papers including the National Manager’s Update.

5.2. The NM Executive Officer will ensure minutes are taken to record resolutions and actions to be taken. The NAC minutes, once noted by the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs, are publicly available through the Open Arms website.

6. Parent Procedure

6.1. 100-01 Governance Procedure

7. Related Templates

7.1. 100-01/ T3 NAC Meeting Agenda

7.2. 100-01/ T4 NAC Meeting Minutes