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1. Scope

1.1. The purpose of this Instruction is to provide direction on convening, conducting and recording Regional meetings.

2. Background

2.1. As all regions operate from multiple locations, staff meetings are usually conducted by videoconference or GOVTEAMS, but may at times be face-to-face. Face-to-face meetings may occur 1-2 times annually and are used for regional planning and team building purposes. Financial and operational considerations must be taken into account when planning a face-to-face all staff meeting.

2.2. Leadership meetings occur on a weekly basis involving the Regional Director, Assistant Directors and the Regional Clinical Practice Manager. The purpose of this meeting is to pass on information from the Secretary’s and National Manager’s meeting and to discuss current staffing and operational issues, as well as immediate business priorities.

2.3. The Regional Director is responsible for convening team and leadership meetings and may delegate the activities required to schedule and arrange meetings to the Regional Clinical Practice Manager, who also provides Secretariat support.

2.4. The steps below provide guidance on completing this process.

3. Convening a Regional Team Meeting

3.1. Team meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the Regional Director on a fortnightly to monthly basis.

3.2. Preparation for a team meeting includes preparing and distributing an agenda and any relevant papers at least two working days in advance of the meeting. The Secretariat will develop the agenda in consultation with the Regional Director and circulate the agenda and papers to all staff.

3.3. Meetings may be via videoconference or GOVTEAMS.

3.3.1. Where a videoconference is scheduled, it is booked in DVA Outlook by the Secretariat. The Secretariat will also make the booking via GOVTEAMS when this platform is used.

4. Conducting a Regional Meeting

4.1. The Regional Director, or in their absence the Acting Regional Director or nominated delegate (usually from the Leadership Team), chairs the team meetings.

5. Records

5.1. The records associated with this work instruction include:

  • agendas
  • minutes of meetings

5.2. The Chair ensures minutes are taken to record resolutions made and actions to be taken.

5.3. The Regional Clinical Practice Manager is responsible for maintaining and retaining minutes. All official records are stored in HPE Content Manager (TRIM) application. Each region has a TRIM Directory containing a folder for Regional Meetings.

6. Leadership Meetings

6.1. Leadership meetings will be scheduled by the Regional Director on a weekly basis.

6.2. Meetings may be via teleconference, videoconference or GOVTEAMS.

6.2.1. Where a teleconference is scheduled, GlobalMeet Teleconference Platform may be used. Each region can register for this platform to enable teleconferences for both internal and external participants. The region will receive a chair and a guest pin number which are used to facilitate the conference call. The Regional Clinical Practice Manager will maintain oversight and bookings of this platform.

6.2.2. Where a videoconference is scheduled, it is booked in DVA Outlook by the Secretariat. The Secretariat will also make the booking via GOVTEAMS when this platform is used.

6.2.3. Official records of these meetings will be at the discretion of the Regional Director. Action items may be recorded in the formal minute template or via email and distributed to participants.

7. Parent Procedure

7.1. 100 – 01 Governance Procedure

8. Related Templates

8.1. 100-01/ T5 Regional Meeting Agenda

8.2. 100-01/ T6 Regional Meeting Minutes