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1. Scope

1.1. This instruction provides direction on convening, conducting and recording a National Management Team (NMT) meeting.

2. Context

2.1. NMT meetings may be face to face, via videoconference or via teleconference. Face-to-face meetings are used for more in-depth consideration of strategic business planning and for leadership team development. Weekly meetings are brief and focused on immediate business priorities.

2.2. The National Manager is responsible for the meetings and the National Manager’s Executive Officer provides secretariat support.

2.3. The steps below provide guidance on completing this process.

3. Convening a Face-to-Face NMT Meeting

3.1. Preparation for a face-to-face NMT meeting includes:

  • booking a suitable venue and arranging catering
  • preparing and distributing an agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, and discussion papers or briefs at least one week in advance of the meeting.

4. Convening a Weekly NMT Meeting

4.1. Preparation for a weekly NMT meeting includes preparing and distributing an agenda and any discussion papers or briefs in advance of the meeting.

4.2. Weekly meetings may be via teleconference, videoconference or GOVTEAMS. 

4.2.1. Where a videoconference is scheduled, it is booked in DVA Outlook by the secretariat. 
4.2.2. Where a teleconference is scheduled, the Open Arms participant PIN is 184911 and the dial-in phone numbers are:

Melbourne: 03 8414 5110

Sydney: 02 9696 0695

Canberra: 02 6210 0695

Brisbane: 07 3811 0695

Adelaide: 08 8220 0695

Perth: 08 9460 0695

Hobart: 03 6240 0695

Darwin: 08 8989 0695

Away from a capital city: 1800 333 803

  • Where a GovTEAMS meeting is scheduled, it is booked from GovTEAMS by the Secretariat.

5. Convening an NMT Meeting

5.1. The National Manager, or in their absence the Acting National Manager or Assistant National Manager, chairs NMT meetings.

5.2. Normal departmental meeting rules apply.

6. Records

6.1. The records associated with this work instruction include:

  • agendas
  • minutes of meetings
  • briefs and discussion papers

6.2. The chair ensures that the minutes record resolutions made and actions to be taken.

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