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1. Scope

1.1. This instruction provides direction for the statutory registration procedures to be undertaken as a shared responsibility of national Outreach Program management and the regions.

2. Context

2.1. The Open Arms Outreach Program increases service accessibility for Open Arms clients through an established network of accredited mental health clinicians, engaged through statutory registration, to support the delivery of services on behalf of Open Arms across Australia. A large number of clinicians are engaged as outreach providers through the Outreach Program, into the roles of outreach program counsellor (OPC), group program facilitator (GPF) and clinical supervisor. Appropriately qualified and experienced outreach providers can be registered to provide one or all three of these service categories.

2.2. To be registered as an Open Arms outreach provider, providers must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Open Arms Outreach Program Counsellor Provider Notes (500-06/CD1). Allocations of clients to OPCs or group programs to GPFs, and supervision arrangements between registered external supervisors and Open Arms clinicians, are based on both geographical considerations and the suitability of the provider’s skill set with regard to the needs of the client, group or Open Arms clinician. Open Arms statutory registration cannot guarantee referrals to a particular provider.

3. Statutory Registration Process

3.1. Statutory registration application forms are located on the Join us – Outreach Program page of the Open Arms website and are submitted via email to

3.2. When an application is received, National Outreach Program Management (National Outreach) enters the application information on the Outreach Program Provider Database to track the progress of an application.

3.3. The application form is reviewed by National Outreach to ensure the application is completed correctly and all requested information has been provided:

3.3.1. Where information or documentation is missing;

  • Applicant is contacted & does not progress until all information has been received.
  • Provider Database status updated to INCOMPLETE

3.3.2. Where all required information and documentation has been provided;

  • National Outreach acknowledges receipt of application via email
  • Provider Database status is updated to APPLIED

3.4. National Outreach completes verification of mandatory requirements:

  • Medicare Provider Number on VIEW
  • ABN/ACN on the Australian Business Register
  • Working with Children or Vulnerable People card (where required)
  • Psychologist – Certificate of Registration as a psychologist. Registration Number, expiry date and any conditions or undertakings are verified via the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) website.
  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker – Certificate of Mental Health Accreditation. Membership Number, expiry date, and mental health accreditation are also verified on the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) website where a clinician has chosen to be listed.
  • Current CV or resume

3.5. Where an applicant does not meet mandatory eligibility requirements, they are advised of application ineligibility via email. 

  • Provider Database status is updated to INELIGIBLE.

3.6. Where an applicant meets all criteria, National Outreach will issue an Acceptance form and System Access Control form to the applicant to competed, sign and return. 

  • Provider Database status is updated to ACCEPTED.

3.7. Once forms are returned, National Outreach will complete the administrative on-boarding of the new provider. This includes arranging:

  • a supplier number through DVA Accounts Payable
  • a worker profile in the Open Arms client management system (VERA) – where required
  • an invitation to Health Direct (if required)

3.8. When administrative on-boarding is completed, the new provider is given a ‘Welcome to Open Arms’ email that contains:

  • DVATrain link & recommendation for veteran focused online learnings
  • Open Arms Policy Hub links
  • Practitioner Support Service links
  • Health Direct Video Call  information
  • Next steps for CMS training and clinical induction
  • Provider database status is updated to INDUCTION

3.9. The application and supporting documentation is saved to TRIM container number 1206917. The standard naming format is:

Surname, Name, Region, Role (e.g., Bloggs, Joe – NQLD – OPC).

3.10. The Region ADCOG is not advised of the new provider until all application processing and on-boarding is completed.  New provider information is sent via email (to ADCOG and region outreach mailbox). The information provided includes:

  • Accepted roles – OPC, GPF and/or Clinical Supervisor
  • Supplier number &  VERA worker profile 
  • Practice information including available days/times and referral preferences
  • TRIM references for application and supporting documents 
  • Direction to complete CMS training and clinical induction as required

3.11. Once advised by the region, National Outreach will update the Provider Database status to ACTIVE to signify the provider is ready to receive Open Arms referrals.

3.12. The National Provider List (excel document) is uploaded daily into TRIM 2090532E. This can be used by all staff to locate a statutory registered provider or track the progress of an application.

4. Statutory Registration Process – Region

4.1. It is recommended that a Region team member make immediate contact with the new provider as soon as application details have been received.

4.2. An informal meet & greet (phone call) to advise the next steps in regard to training/induction gives the new provider assurance that the region is aware of their availability and allows the region to outline their induction/training timing and process.

4.3. Once the region has conducted induction and/or training with new provider or has determined they are ready for a client referral, they are to advise National Outreach via email to have the Provider Database updated to ‘ACTIVE’.

5. Statutory Registration Provider Lifespan

6. Parent Procedure

4.1. 500-06 – Outreach Program Management Procedure

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