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1.    Scope

1.1.    This instruction provides direction for the procedures to be undertaken when a statutory registered provider has changes to their personal and/or practice details.

2.    Context

2.1.    The Open Arms Outreach Program increases service accessibility for Open Arms clients through an established network of accredited mental health clinicians, engaged through statutory registration, to support the delivery of services on behalf of Open Arms across Australia.

2.2.    Outreach Provider information is maintained in a National database to ensure a single source of truth for provider details and numbers. This is particularly important to meet reporting requirements.

2.3.    An official change of details process has been implemented to ensure best practice is in place, audit requirements are met and all supplementary actions are completed to minimise negative impacts on the provider and maintain region and National records.

2.4.    All change of details for providers should be in writing for auditing purposes – an email is acceptable for minor changes, a signed Change of Details form is required for significant changes. Examples of each are provided below.

2.5.    Updating provider details is a shared responsibility between National Outreach Program Management and the regions.

3.    Change of details – minor updates

3.1.    Outreach provider contacts the region to advise a change to their details. Minor changes can be actioned using email confirmation from provider.

  • Examples of minor changes include:
  • Update to referral preferences
  • Waitlist information
  • Change to email address – except if changing got invoicing or remittance
  • Change to personal contact numbers
  • Changing practice manger details
  • Change in GST status

3.2.    Region to update any locally held records.

3.3.    Minor changes can be submitted by the region via lodging a ticket with the APPS Service Desk for updating.

3.4.    Any tickets lodged that relate to an Outreach provider must also be shared with National Outreach Program Management (search OUTREACH in ‘share with’). 

3.5.    National Outreach Program Management will review the Service Desk tickets and make the required updates on the Provider Database (and updates to VERA & Accounts Payable if required).

3.6.    If the update does not require a Service Ticket to be lodged, the region must provide details of the changes to National Outreach to ensure their records match.

4.    Change of details – significant updates

4.1.    Significant changes or those with follow on implications (such as changes to invoicing or remittance details) must be completed using the Provider Change of Details form.

  • Examples of significant changes include, but not limited to:
  • ABN or ACN changes
  • Practice details including contact numbers, address and/or availability
  • Medicare Provider Numbers
  • Bank accounts, invoicing or remittance information

4.2.    The form is located in TRIM container 2002026 and can be issued to a provider via region or national. The form should always be accessed from this location to ensure the most up to date version is used.

4.3.    The Provider Change of Details must be signed by the statutory registered provider – there is provision for a physical signature to be added after printing, or an electronic signature to be added.

5.    Change of details form

5.1.    The Provider Change of Details form will instruct the provider to return a complete, signed copy to

If returned to region in error, please ensure it is forwarded for action

5.2.    National Outreach will make the required changes in; 

  • The Provider Database
  • VERA (as required) – including the region in the ticket
  • Accounts Payable (as required)

5.3.    Once changes have been completed, the region and the Outreach provider will receive confirmation (email and/or ticket completion).

5.4.    National Outreach will save the Change of Details form in TRIM for auditing purposes, using the standard naming format;

CHANGE OF DETAILS: Surname, Name, Region, Role 

5.5.    All provider changes will be reflected in The National Provider List (excel document) that is uploaded daily into TRIM 2090532E. This List can be used by all staff to locate a statutory registered provider.

6.    Provider management responsibilities


7.    Parent procedure

500-06 Outreach Management Procedure

8.    Related instructions and templates

500-06/01 Outreach Program Statutory Registration Instruction

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