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On this page you will find details of policy which has either been recently developed or recently changed.  

Scrolling down, you will find all previous posts to this page.

What's New

What's Changed


Published 20/7/21

Previously Open Arms did not have any procedures for managing uniforms, we now have the following -  See new policies here – 401-05 Open Arms Uniform Procedure including the associated Instruction and Templates.

Groups Task Cards and Videos

Published 23/7/21

New Group Treatment task cards, procedure and training videos are now included on the landing page of the Policy Hub.

Verifying Veteran Gold or White Card

Published 11/6/21

This Instruction was developed in May 2021 to assist with determining Open Arms eligibility for DVA gold and white card holders including their partners and children.  See the most current policy – 201-00/01 Verify Gold Card Instruction


Updated 28/6/21 

Policy prior to 2020 did not provide for individual counselling services for children under five.

While it remains the best practice clinical approach for young children to be seen with families as a whole, policy now includes capacity for children under five to be seen IF there are appropriately trained clinicians on staff. If there are not appropriately trained staff within Open Arms, we can refer to an external provider at no cost to the family. The child can still be seen as part of a family case regardless of availability. See the most current policy – 201 Eligibility Policy and note section 6.7 where this change has been made. 


Updated 16/7/21

Policy prior to 2020 required both parents/guardians to provide consent for minors to receive services from Open Arms but allowed provision for only one where necessary.

A change has been made to recognise if there is no reason to presume that the other parent is unwilling to provide consent to treatment, and consent from both parents is not required under a family court order, treatment should not be delayed while awaiting consent from a second parent. Specifically, a child should not be held back from receiving support while waiting for a second parent/guardian consent for no valid reason. See the most current policy – 201-01 Services to Minors Procedure and note sections 4.2.2 where this change has been made.


If a minor aged 5-17 years meets the legal criteria to provide consent in their own right (Gillick competent), they can receive individual counselling without consent of a parent/guardian, and outside of a family case. See the most current policy – 201-01 Services to Minors Procedure and note sections 4.3.1 where this change has been made.


A child of any age can be included as part of a family case, or can be seen for individual counselling, with the express permission of parents or legal guardians where required.  See the most current policy – 201 Eligibility Policy and note sections 6.8 where this change has been made.


Changes have been made to remove the need for prior approval for an initial 90 minute session and the inclusion of the CAPS-5 as the preferred outome measure to be administered.

See the most current policy – 202-03/04 Conduct of 90 Minute Session Instruction and note section 3 where these changes have been made.


An update has been made to align the way Open Arms treat release of information (ROI) requests for Defence-referred and self-referred clients. Specifically, previous requirements to communicate ROI matters to Defence have been revised - See the most current policy – 101-02/03 Request to Access Client Information and note section 7.2 where this change has been made.
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